How to Make Mondays Epic

By Kaushik Sahoo

Usually my Mondays at Duke are pretty standard. Same process, different day. I wake up dreading the onslaught of classes I will have to endure, and in between each class I regret the lack of studying that occurred on my end the night before. This semester that all changed.

I had something to look forward to every Monday. I have been helping The Monday Life out for a while now, but this semester I by far had the most fun helping out with #9Mondays campaign. For nine consecutive Mondays this semester I worked with Duke students to make people's Mondays better. And man, was I surprised with the results. Doing small things for others on Mondays was game-changing, absolutely game-changing. It made others have better Mondays, and in turn I was able to wake up every Monday with a smile on my face. The first #9Mondays we did this semester was my favorite one by far because it caught the attention of a lot of individuals on campus and it made a lot of smiles go around. We passed out donuts at the main Duke University bus stop and people went out of their way to tell us that their Mondays definitely got better. Not only were there way more happy individuals on Mondays because of our #9Mondays campaigns, but my team and I also felt as if we were uniting the campus. Mondays can be absolutely epic, and #9Mondays are here to make that a fact.

 Kaushik Sahoo
Tech & Medical
The Monday Life