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The Monday Life - a national nonprofit that improves children's hospitals - wanted to fund great ideas from pediatric nurses.

But they needed funding, and a way to identify these ideas.

So The Monday Life partnered with Anddit - and now, nurses can quickly share exactly what they need. And even better, the nurses themselves promote their own requests to attract support.

Thanks to this partnership, incredibly innovative nursing ideas are being shared and supported - like the 3D children's gaming unit that The Monday Life funded at Brenner Children's Hospital (Video Below)).  

The Story

Christin, a pediatric nurse at Brenner Children's Hospital, heard about a new 3D technology that's used for distraction during painful procedures. 

Aimed at bringing this tech to her patients, Christin quickly asked for the 3D system on Anddit. The next day, she was contacted by The Monday Life, a nonprofit that was browsing Anddit to find great ideas to fund.

Thanks to The Monday Life donors, a discount by Amazing Interactives (the 3D company), Brenner development, and Christin's decision to share her idea, little patients are now playing 3D games during their procedures.