Weekly Offers!

June 19th, 2017
Offers are for families with children who have, or have had, life-threatening medical conditions. If you are a patient advocate or healthcare worker, you may request one of the offers for your patient families. We would love any updates or pictures of the offers being put to use to share with our community!

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First week? Welcome! Click here to see The 5 things To Know.

Thank you for being here and making our group so special.


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First week joining? 5 Things-To-Know

(this is the welcome letter posted from Week 1)

Welcome! This is our first week ever…and I’m so excited.

5 things to know

1. I’ve never gotten anything remotely right the first time. My Mom calls me "Joey Try Again". So yes, things will mess up...so please bear with me! Your ideas and suggestions will be crucial in improving this so it's as simple and useful as possible.

2. What is this? A weekly post of offers (free products/services) from people and businesses looking to support families with children who have, or have had, life-threatening medical conditions.

3. Why are you doing this? To bring people together. Your family should never feel alone. And for others, being able to interact with you - and support you - improves their life. I know it’s drastically improved mine.

4. What’s required of me? Nothing. And we designed this to be as private or public as you’d prefer - (aka why most communication will be done over email, and not publicly on Facebook). And while it is inspiring for a donor to see a picture of their donation being used by you, this is never required.

5. What other things should I be aware of?
a. People who have offered things may not follow through.
b. Sometimes we’ll include a option for you to request things. By asking for certain things (even though often uncomfortable!), you give other people - ones who really want to help you - a specific way to do it. This brings them closer to you, which improves their life.

And 2 things you can do if you’d like!

+Invite at least 1 other patient family to our Facebook group. The more people in our verified group, the more power we have to inspire good.
+Send any friends/businesses here to post their offers: http://www.themondaylife.org/gifts

- Joey
Ideas? Questions? Email me anytime! joey@themondaylife.org