Support Groups & Services for Pediatric Cancer in North Carolina

Finding emotional support while caring for a critically ill child with cancer can be challenging. To help with the process we have compiled a list of resources including patient family groups and non-profits that can provide assistance and services in North Carolina. We will be updating our list regularly and if you see a resource missing please email anything@the

In addition to providing guidance for resources we also have a Facebook Group only for families with children who have, or have had, life-threatening medical conditions (open to these families nationwide).

Join to see opportunities to receive free donations from local people and businesses who've offered - like sports tickets, gift cards, lessons, and meals.

Offers are shared with this group via 1 weekly post on this page. Request to receive any donation you'd like.

Patient Support Groups & Organizations

Me Fine Foundation
(919) 202-0086
The mission of the Me Fine Foundation is to provide hope to critically ill children treated by Children's Hospitals in North Carolina and their families through financial assistance, emotional support and necessary resources, regardless of race, diagnosis, religious affiliation or economic status.

Triangle Cancer Support Group (Facebook Group)
Are you a childhood cancer survivor? Are you a teen warrior? Do you have a child with cancer? Do you have a child who is in remission? Have you lost a child to cancer? If you said yes to any of the questions above and you live in North Carolina then this group is for you! Most of the members of this Support Group have children who are currently being treated or have been treated by Duke or UNC.

Coalition Against Childhood Cancer (CAC2)
Where do you turn when you hear those dreaded words "Your child has cancer!" CAC2 is here for you - to help guide you to financial resources, educate you about research, put you in touch with other similar families and so much more.