Sickle cell patients don't get enough love. So this season, we're on a mission to support sickle cell patients all around the world. And sickle cells are shaped like a C…so we're calling the mission Hold Up C.

9,000 People Hold Up C.

To show support for Meziah, and for every other sickle cell patient worldwide, the entire crowd at Cameron Indoor Stadium held up C.

The Facts

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Sickle cell disease is the most common genetic disorder in the United States. 
People are born with sickle cell disease; it does not develop in adulthood, and it is not contagious. 
Sickle cell disease is chronic but treatable and is not a death sentence. 
Sickle cell disease affects people of many different races. 
Patients with sickle cell disease require comprehensive care. 

Source:  New York Times

How do I join the mission?